Citadel of Spandau, Germany

Department Spandau of Berlin (Citadel of Spandau)

There are several fortified heritage sites in the borough Spandau of Berlin, such as Fort Hahneberg, Spandau Citadel and some redoubts.
It is very much desired that the Spandau Citadel will become an official partner of the Tourism office of Berlin. In order to achieve this, several pre-conditions have to be fulfilled (accessibility and innovative branding), in order for Spandau to become a driving force of the regional economy.
CAPACITIES to influence: The Spandau Citadel is directly responsible and involved in the management, exploitation and maintenance of the fortified heritage sites, aiming to be recognized as an “island of history” of City of Berlin. The Municipality of Berlin owns the Citadel; therefore it is directly involved by local authority in the design and implementation of local policies regarding the identification of new economic functions, their exploitation and maintenance.
The Spandau Citadel has significant experience in the harmonised of utilisations of fortified sites with respect to nature, environment and preservation of cultural assets, experience that will be shared with the partners. Their model of “Green Museum” can be transferable to other partners (utilisation of energy efficiency without compromising the integrity of buildings; hosting exhibitions with special focus on the indoor temperature and humidity), as well as their know-how on valorisation and branding concepts.
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ATFORT Citadel SpandauIn 1560 work began on Citadel Spandau, a modern fortress in the „New Italian Manner“ replacing the former castle, whose origins date back to Slavic times. Citadel Spandau is the best preserved renaissance fortress in northern Europe and is now used exclusively for cultural purposes and recreational and leisure activities.
Today the citadel houses several exhibition spaces, a concert hall with magnificent acoustics, and among other things a collection of guns through the last 500 years and a unique group of medieval Jewish gravestones. There are Ateliers for the Arts and Crafts and the big courtyard is a place for Knights and Medieval Festivals and Open-air-Concerts that attract artist of worldwide renown like Bob Dylan, Nigel Kennedy, Norah Jones and Lou Reed drawing up to 10000 visitors per concert. Excavations, which show the origins of the castle, are presented in situ in the western curtain. They are a cornerstone for the realisation of a new concept of Citadel Spandau as „Island of History“.
Currently the most demanding project is the preservation and restoration of two buildings of the Citadel and the preparation of the exhibition “Reveal. Monuments in Berlin”, which will be opened in March 2014. House 8, the „Proviantmagazin“, a former store-room for provisions, will become a permanent place for „political“ monuments, which were once distinctive across the Berlin cityscape, but were removed and stored or even buried in the forest. The contest for this exhibition was won by Staab Architekten, the budget is 14 Mio €, from Lotto and EFRE.
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Citadel of Spandau

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