Paola, Malta

Paola Heritage Foundation

Corradino Lines represents a complex of fortified heritage sites that are part of the World Heritage Tentative List of Harbour Fortifications for the Maltese Islands. Paola Heritage Foundation (PHF) is directly involved in the management and daily activities of running the sites of Corradino Lines and it aims to revitalize and provide the sites with new economic functions giving a boost to local economy, while preserving their cultural values. 
Its broader goals are to transfer the economic benefits of the new economic functions into the sustainable jaeger lecoultre replica watches management of the Corradino Lines and to transform the Paola area as a dynamic node from redundant space it into viable and manageable assets.
Paola Heritage Foundation is pleased to bring into the partnership and share with the other partners its experience on setting up heritage management and conservation management plans. Besides, the foundation has know-how on adapting the fortified heritage sites to new economic functions (for example the old prison has been turned into a hostel) and planning for further regeneration, all through a harmonized manner, taking into account the heritage values.
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The Corradino Lines is a low defensive line was constructed by the British Royal Engineers in 1871-72 on the Corradino Heights.
The project targets the restoration, rehabilitation and management of this system of fortifications. The management regime is based on a triple-helix system where the main systems of intervention are based on; Education and Training, Tourism and Culture and Industry and Redevelopment. Developed on a system of atelier, the project is targeting the implementation and integration of other projects which fall within the REPAIR Paola Action Plan. This plan focuses on the interconnectivity of the fortifications with other critical heritage assets in the town of Paola through a heritage trail which was launched in 2011 and the KONNEKT project, which is a green corridor connecting these assets to the main square through semi-pedestrianisation and alternative modes of transport.

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Paola, Malta

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