Other EU projects

‚ÄčThe European Cooperation Centre of Fortified Heritage in Berlin

The European Cooperation Centre of Fortified Heritage is a non-profit Non Goverment Organisation (NGO). This replica watches for sale institution promotes the protection, utilisation and management of the cultural heritage of European fortresses and fortified objects.
More information: Eccofort

The manage+ project

Manage+ develops viable management models for the long-term use of former industrial and military locations converted into business parks, greenbelt recreation areas and tourist destinations.
Manage+ receives European development funding through INTERREG IV B
More information: Manageplus


COLLABOR8 is a transnational European project that aims to contribute to the economic prosperity, sustainability and cultural identity of North West Europe in increasingly competitive global markets. This will be done by forming and supporting new clusters in the cultural, creative, countryside, recreation, local food and hospitality sectors using uniqueness of place as a binding force and overcoming barriers to regional and transnational collaboration.
COLLABOR8 receives European development funding through INTERREG IV B
More information: Collabor8

REPAIR (Project completed)

The challenge for REPAIR is the vital need for the “successful socio-economic re-use of abandoned military heritage sites to harness sustainable urban development'. All REPAIR network partners recognise that the socio-economic re-use of military best replica watches sites, and therefore the local “Lisbon Agenda” achievements in relation to economic competitiveness, will ultimately be undermined in the medium to long term if sustainable urban development is not placed at the heart of this heritage site regeneration. 
More information: REPAIR

Congres Internationel conference military heritage 23-24-25 november 2009

The results of the New Dutch Waterline international conference on military heritage and reconstruction techniques,replica watches for sale bats and vegetation can be found on: www.hollandsewaterlinie.nl


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